I’m not quite sure if I mentioned that I recently teamed up with Hallmark for a range of cards/gift wrap/ and stationary.   The line was featured at the spring fair in London and my agent snapped this photo of the super sweet display for me.   The line includes wrapping paper, gift bags, journals, and of course plenty of cards.   Currently, the distribution is only for the UK, but I’m crossing my fingers that one day it will come to North America.   I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Janet J.

    Well, now I need to go to London! These are amazing! So hope these come to the U.S. Congratulations – that is really cool!

  2. Julia

    I would buy those as well. I love all your interiors and would love to live in a house you designed. If they do come to the US please post ASAP so I can run out and raid the store!

  3. Katie Rowland

    Am in the UK and I can’t wait to get my hand on some of those cards and stationery. Great news.

  4. Alexandra Hill

    I LOVE it!! I really want the journals because I love anything I can write in! I checked the hallmark website and they don’t have them on there yet….

    Hope to see you this summer!! Bring Finnegan round too please :)

  5. Sande Chase

    Such a fabulous collaboration, I have been thinking for ages how stationery companies should add more creative gift wrap. Here’s hoping it will come to North America. Congratulations Janet, this is no small thing!!

  6. Carolyn Cece

    Congrat’s you deserve it. I really hope it is sold in the USA also!

  7. Cathy

    Congratulations!! Everything is beautiful (as always)! I agree with everyone else, I hope these become available in the US!!

  8. Traci S

    Wow!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is huge!! Oh, I do hope it comes to the U.S. Or, I’m with Janet J., a trip to London might be in order. I love the cards and the gift bags are darling!

  9. Joanne

    Congratulations! I cannot think of a more wonderful pairing than you and the British. (The typewriter display prop is genious with your storied art.)

  10. Sharon

    Congratulations!!! So pleased for you and both the merchandise and the display look lovely….

    Plus, now maybe if someone tries to copy these designs Hallmark will go after them….

    I do hope they will become available in the US…

    Congratulations and hope they sell fantastically well – as I’m sure they will!

    Kind regards,

  11. Amy Case

    How wonderful! Living in California, I hope and pray that all of these lovelies will make their way over here. I am so in love with everything you create, Janet! :)


  12. Susan

    So many wonderful opportunities opening up for you these days. So happy for you. Hope it somewhat mitigates all the piracy aggravation. (Oh, and can’t wait ’til–I won’t say if–your Hallmark line comes to North America.)

  13. Selma

    Dear Janeth, Congratulations!
    I hope these sweet items would cross the channel and come to Switzerland very soon! Your last paintings are amazing. Love the way you evolve with your art.

  14. Debra

    Congratulations I just love all of your paintings they are all so rich in color I would love to find some of your Hallmark designs here in the Untied States and especially here in Dallas, Texas. Much continued success to you all of your artwork reminds me of a time that’s past everyone was so stylish and glamorous.


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