Flights Of Fancy


Flights Of Fancy, oil on canvas, 12″x14″.  Sold.

This painting took a ridiculous amount of time.   I had a difficult time trying to tone down the wallpaper so that it wasn’t competing too much with the flowers- those poor birds kept coming and going until I was almost mad with frustration.   It’s one of those pieces that I need to distance myself from for a while.

And for those of you gearing up for tonight’s episode of Downton Abbey, I thought I would share this which might help you get in the Downton spirit.  I was researching possible English estates for Miss Moon and came across Amanda Brooks’ blog which is chock full of beauties.


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  1. Pattie Jansen

    I don’t think I travel in quite the same circles as Amanda Brooks. But I’d like to.
    Splendid painting, Janet…wallpaper and parakeets all properly subdued!


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