Functioning at 30%


I’m sleep deprived.  Seriously seriously big time sleep deprived and the only thing that I can compare it to is the pain and exhaustion on Mia’s Farrow’s face as she carries Satan’s baby in her belly.  It started at the beginning of the month when John came down with what I think was whooping cough.  He was vaccinated for it when I forced him to go get a physical and strangely enough he became really sick two days later.  Possibly it was a coincidence?  He’ll never go back to the doctor that’s for certain   Then, last week Finnegan decided to start waking up at 2am to throw up.  This has persisted now for over a week and almost every night.  He’s fine during the day- completely normal but at night he’s agitated and sick.   We’re in the process right now of figuring out what the problem is- could be gastritis, could be something more serious, or could just be some freaky little psychological  pattern he’s got himself into.  Strangely enough the night that Hurricane Sandy blew through he slept the entire night- peacefully, in spite of the house shaking and tree branches pelting the windows.  He’s so weird.

And so because of massive sleep deprivation I’m functioning at a solid 30%. I can walk, talk (with some slurring), blink and dress myself but that’s about it.  Creativity doesn’t live here anymore.  I hope it returns soon.

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  1. We have a 5 month old who stopped sleeping through the night and a 2 year old who started getting up to come sleep with us during the middle of the night. My husband and I would give just about anything for a full night of sleep. Here’s to a solid 8 hours…soon!

  2. Kathleen

    Janet I’m so sorry! I hope everyone is healthy soon. Just take care of yourself and you will be at 100% before long. Thinking of you!

  3. Cherol Nellon


    I am sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. Take it from a woman of a, ahem, “certain age” your body is telling you to slow down. Listen to it and surrender to it. For me, cashmere, Godiva dark hot chocolate, good quality salmon, sautéed spinach and lots of rest, is a sure cure.

    As for Finnegan, is it possible that he’s stealing treats during the night?

    Hope you both are feeling better soon.

  4. Not good. I hope everyone gets to feeling better real soon so you can get some much needed sleep. Hope you don’t get sick because if the lack of sleep.

  5. It sounds like you need to shut down, and rest, rest, rest. My daughter was also immunized against Whooping cough and got it anyway. Apparently that is not uncommen, says my phenomenal homeopathic childrens doctor. We know several people who got it as well, (immunized). It could be the immunization itself. I often hear that they cause the very illness they should be protecting you from. There is a case in point.
    As for the dog, animals feel stress on much deeper levels than we think. The storm, your husbands being sick, your energy colapse…. it seems almost logical that the dog would chime in.
    In any case, We healed my daughter with a big inhaler gadget that really worked, she never took antibiotics. But it is serious so it needs attention.
    Wishing you no pressure from the outside world and lazy, comfy recovery days.

    I am on here thanks to the gem of a painting, I am still so delighted, it hit the spot like nothing has for a long time.
    All the best..!

  6. Thanks everyone! I’m fairly certain Finnegan has gastritis and just needs to get some sort of antacid medication- which I’m in the process of doing. Hopefully once it kicks in, I’ll get some sleep as I won’t be up half the night worrying about him. Lots of under eye concealer being applied!

  7. dominique

    Mais ce n’est pas possible il faut envoyer the dog en vacances chez le vétérinaire pour observation et dormir tranquillement. Il y peut-être une souris qui le nargue la nuit (Jerry?) ou un cat.Chére Janet je vous affectionne sans vous avoir vu en vrai et je n’aime pas que votre coeur se désole. Courage but it just a dog! Amitiées Dominique

  8. Thinking of you with lots of best wishes and love!
    Look into Bach Flower Esscence for your household. They work wonders…
    Bach’s Rescue Remedy may work for Finnegan. I use it on my cat Belle who claws the ceiling when we get company and it calms her, naturally, even though it’s for humans. I have my vet using it for some of his patients, too!
    Here’s “knowing” that you and yours are feeling lots better, soon…. HUGS


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