It’s that time of year again!  I must say for a while there I wasn’t certain if we were actually going to have our sale this year but I figured why not let chaos reign.  Of course, now that I have said that, it will probably be a very quiet event.

So here are the details:  We are having a BLACKFRIDAY sale in the shop.  It starts at 9am EST on Friday November 23 and will go through until Monday November 26 at 10pm EST.  The prices that you will see in the shop are NOT our sale prices.  In order to get the 20%  discount off your order, you have to enter: BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout (in the little coupon code box) and the 20% will be deducted off your order.

PLEASE NOTE:  The code is all one word and ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  I’m really not shouting here- just trying to be very clear. Last year there were a few issues with customers using the code correctly.  Some would put BLACKFRIDAY in the comments box to me, some would send me a separate email with the code.  Not sure what was exactly going on there.  At one point I felt a little like a private club that had a secret password.   So, remember it’s a coupon code that is applied at checkout.   I would love to say that we will try and refund everyone who doesn’t use the code properly, but if this sale is anything like last year’s sale, there isn’t much time to check each order carefully for the code and so it’s best to use it at the checkout to guarantee the discount.

Part of the reason why we have this sale is to get a jump on Christmas.  We are in Canada, and so this is the best time to order your prints so that they will arrive safely in time for Christmas.  As of December 1st we recommend Christmas orders go out expedited rather than our usual small parcel air method which means an additional $9 of shipping slapped on top of the regular shipping cost for orders shipping to the USA.   If you are overseas, well, I don’t want to say the price of shipping in time for the holidays….it might scare you.


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