The Chocolate One With Sprinkles

The Chocolate One With Sprinkles-sl

The Chocolate One With Sprinkles, oil on canvas, 9″x12″.

It’s been a busy week.  We headed off for a quickie getaway early last week to Skaneateles, New York so that I could relax and eat doughnuts while staring at the beautiful lake.  Yes, I will drive five hours for a good doughnut- or is it donut?  And apparently I will paint them too.  The people at the Skaneateles Bakery were very kind and let me take some pictures of their lovely and addictive doughnuts and they turned out so well that I figured why not pay homage to the deliciousness with a painting. My favourite one?  The Chocolate One With The Sprinkles- of course.

When we returned home I was in charge of Thanksgiving dinner (Canadian- if anyone is wondering why I’m celebrating Thanksgiving so early).   So, there I was cooking a 15 pound turkey for four people and a dog and a cat.  Ridiculous.  I even pulled a muscle in my arm hoisting the darn thing in and out of the oven to baste it.  Although the leftovers are worth all the trouble I have come to realize.


4 Responses to “The Chocolate One With Sprinkles”

  1. This painting is lovely. I particularly like the stainless steel details. And those doughnuts looks absolutely delectable.

    My husband and I always plan our vacations around food. I like the idea of picking a destination based on the food too. 😉

    Happy thanksgiving!

  2. Must be the Canadian turkeys Janet………I pulled my wrist cooking a 23 lb. turkey. Then today I used all the leftovers to make 10 turkey pot pies. Feeling way too domestic (and my wrist hurts). The painting is wonderful. xx

  3. Nicolette

    Awe I’ve been there! I love Skaneatles!!!! And I absolutely need to own a print of this painting!!!! This is one of my favorites!!!!!! Glad you had a great time!


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