The Black Cat


The Black Cat, oil on canvas, 8″x8″.  Sold.

It occurred to me while I was painting this that I really haven’t talked about ‘Shocktoberfest’ this year.  Well, between you and me, and the rest of the world, it really hasn’t been so hot.  I don’t know if John’s heart isn’t in it this year or what the problem is.  Actually, it might have something to do with the fact that John is sick and it’s all my fault.  You see, after four years or so of him never going near a doctor’s office,  I forced him to go have a physical- and I mean ‘forced’.  Like I drove him there and sat in the waiting room and made sure he didn’t run back out.  Everything was fine but a couple of days later he started to get a scratchy throat then he woke up with a full blown get out of town cold.   He never gets sick and of course he quickly connected it to the doctors office (he’s probably right).  Making matters worse he sneezed so hard the other day that he blew out a filling.   So guess who got blamed for that also?  And how do you really blow out a filling?  Sounds ludicrous to me.   So off he went this morning to spend some time at the dentist’s office.   I suppose in a way, Shocktoberfest has come to John in real life.


4 Responses to “The Black Cat”

  1. Lol!!!

    *Love this painting, especially the kitty. It looks like it’s just seen a ghost go by.

  2. Martha Holmes

    Dear Janet,
    Do tell John that you were only doing what was best for him.
    Standing in the store day after day with the door open and
    people coming and going, he is rife to pick up whatever is
    going around. If he picked up a cold, it was because his
    immune system was challenged. This year, Shocktoberfest
    may just have to go on without him.


  3. Kitty looks like he’s wondering why there’s a big flower sprouting out of his back! He’s great for Halloween–and year ’round. Maybe he’ll make it to a canvas print. . .


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