Interview With Monica Lee


The other day I sat down with Monica Lee from Smart Creative Women and had a lovely skype chat.   She’s a sweetheart- and likely someone who I would pal around with if she lived a little closer.  She’s also a very gifted artist, so please check out her site.  I babbled on a fair bit, and did a few weird things with my face -what else is new.  Yes, those are blemishes (break out from my donut binge the other week which I still don’t regret), and the lighting is unflattering (looks like I have a black eye) and I do resemble Monica Lewinsky more so than usual- which may not be a bad thing?  Not sure.  Anyway, I’ll shut up and if you are interested, please check out the interview here.  I should also mention that Finnegan makes a brief appearance.

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  1. That was so much fun to see and listen to your interview. What an inspiration you are to so many! I truly love your artwork and it is all so lovely.

  2. Your interview with Monica was really interesting, I look at your etsy shop every day and your blog as well, because I really enjoy your paintings.

  3. Great interview. And what a gorgeous print on the wall behind you! 😉 But. . . the Westlakes live in New England? I envisioned them as being in “old” England. I totally have to readjust my thinking on that series.

    BTW, no blemishes, no black eye, and no Lewinsky lookalike thing going on.

  4. Hi Janet,
    I just commented over on Monica’s site, but also would like to thank you here on your site for this interview. I really liked it and it’s true – you have inspired so many other artists. And I thought you looked great, btw!

  5. Hi Susan,

    In my head I had always envisioned a strong pioneering wealthy English woman heading to the US in search of adventure with her children (including a young Hugo Westlake) after her husband passed away. She built Black Walnut Manor and spends most of her time criticizing Americans and wishing they were more like the British- whom she criticized while she lived there. Possibly a sort of Maggie Smith type- but heavier set. So they have all the British customs but live in the US.


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