Under The Weather

zombie janet

This is me on a much better day when I decided to act like a ‘Sand Zombie’.  Don’t ask.   Oh but if George Romero is reading this, call me.  I make a great ‘sand zombie’ if you need one for your next film.  This was the same day that I stuck my head in the plywood ice cream cone.   I got up to a lot of nonsense that day.  In case you are wondering where the heck the paintings have been- well, I’ve been working on it, but things are taking time as I’ve come down with my yearly bout of seasonal allergies.  It sounds so insignificant- doesn’t it?  Seasonal allergies.   To those who don’t get them you probably just think it’s about sneezing and snurfling.  Mine however, get into my sinuses and then do something wonky to my ears which throws off my balance- making me walk like Lucille 2 from Arrested Development.  I’m sure you can imagine what kind of impact this has on my ability to paint.  A lot of things seem to slide off the canvas and there have been a lot of lopsided faces.   Making matters worse, I decided to start taking sinus pills which did in fact help with the dizziness factor but I started having these strange panic attacks.  There was a lot of grasping of my chest and driving erratically around town (yes that was me in the little black Benz with the rust spots going through stop signs-sorry!)  It came to a head when I broke into tears at my doctor’s office clutching my empty package of over-the-counter sinus pills thinking I was losing my mind.  Fortunately my doctor explained that it wasn’t entirely my fault as those darn addictive pills had something in them that was giving me adrenaline rushes which was causing the panic attacks and insomnia.  Stupid pills.  So I’ve weened myself off of them but still seem to have the dizzies.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get back to work over the weekend once I get my sea legs back.

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  1. Sorry you are under the weather– more like under the pile, if you ask me. I think you’re on to something, however. There is a lot of, I won’t say bad art, out there that seems to have been made under the influence of intihistamines. Explains a lot. Get better, not for the art you make, but for you!!

  2. Goodness gracious…what a week!, I truly hope you’re feeling better today. I could relate to a lot of what you said! Panic attacks and dizziness are the worst!! I got panic attacks a few years ago from taking some ridiculous weight loss pills and I went around feeling like I was going crazy and feeling I was having a heart attack. Panic attacks are seriously horrifying.

    So anyway, it looks like your humor is still intact, so that’s a good sign. 🙂 Take care!!!

    *Arrested Development”…..LOL! 😉 My kids (16 and 19) have been playing that whole series this past month.

    • I have this same allergy problem also and the neti pot works wonders. Any pharmacy sells them and you need non-iodized salt that I bought at Wholefoods. My doctor at Mass Gen Hospital told me to use it. A You-tube video tutorial shows you how easy it is. Keeping the sinus clear is vital. I boil the water first, sterilize my neti pot before use and let the water cool in a porcelain mug with salt first, then transfer it into my plastic neti-pot. I decided on plastic because I travel with it and now it is a daily part of my routine, like brushing my teeth. They are very cheap. My doctor also told me that no anti-biotic will really ever get to the deep crevices to clean out any infection, but this will. Good luck. You have my sympathies, that’s for sure.

  3. Alex Maddie Hill

    Wow, I hope you are ok!! Grandma and grandpa told me about your “near-death experience” as they called it. I’ve had panic attacks before, but my councilor taught me to slow down my breathing by using the square method, where you draw an imaginary square with your finger and hold your breath for 5 seconds as you go along one line, then exhale as you go along the next. Just a tip for the next time you have a “near-death experience” 😀

  4. Oh, man. I feel your pain. (Truly.) And I know those antihistamines can really do a number on you. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  5. Nicolette

    I hope you are feeling much better by now Janet!! I always check out your blog and Etsy on a continuous basis to see what’s new. You truly are my favorite artist and I cannot wait to add more of your pieces to my growing collection! Someday I hope to own an original!!! Take care! <3


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