The Pajama Top


They don’t make pajamas like they used to- at least not on a mass market level it seems.  What’s with the fuzzy neon pink pajamas that seem to lurk about many women’s lingerie shops these days?  It’s like you have two extremes to choose from:  incredibly lacy and uncomfortable- and let’s face it, not exactly meant for sleeping, or the opposite- childlike extra baggy and ugly bright….and yes, I do have a bright pink robe (seen in my Christmas photo last year) but as I said, it was a gift from my mother-in-law.  I wish someone would bring back the sophisticated yet comfortable pajamas that women used to wear.  Satin or cotton with pretty details.  Something that wouldn’t make you feel like a glow- in- the- dark cartoon character and something that would make your significant other do a serious double-take.



7 Responses to “The Pajama Top”

  1. I’m with you on this one. I think a lot of women go to bed in sweats and a T shirt. Poor significant other here too. LOVE the painting!

  2. Donna

    I see another opportunity for the ever so talented Janet Hill — fashion designer! Let’s not forget wallpaper designer, furniture designer, author…the possibilities are as endless as your creativity. Personally, I would like to hire you as my life stylist. My world would be so much more enjoyable!

  3. Funny, I have been complaining about the same thing Janet. Someone told me that the best is to buy the cotton men’s pajamas at Brooks Brothers. I heading stateside tomorrow, I will check it out and report back. Happy weekend. XO

  4. I just watched ‘Imitation Of Life’ last night with Lana Turner and her nightgown actually had a train! It looked like a wedding dress. Perhaps that’s the other extreme. I think a target t-shirt is probably a little more comfortable.

  5. Sweet painting for sure. So maybe I can help the troops here. Garnet Hill has always designed and carried traditional cotton sateen and lately knit pj styles in nicely crafted prints with piping details. I also love anything Calida makes in a night gown. Soft like a tee, lace appliqued like a lady. ( I briefly worked for Garnet Hill and one of their manufacturers,) Hope you find your heart’s desire and keep those romantic paintings flowing.


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