Starlight, oil on canvas, 8″x8″.  Sold.

And so we have slinked into summer officially.  I love summer….I love the fact that I actually was able to grow some climbing roses along our fence this year.  Blaze.  They are bright red and bursting out all over the place.  I’m not very successful with plants but these roses are taking on a life of their own.  I also love how summer makes everything seem a little more dreamy.  You don’t have to move so fast, or get so much stuff done.  You can justify sitting out in your backyard with a glass of ice tea and stare out at your red roses for a good long while.   I felt these ‘starry shoes’ tied in well with the slightly more daydreamy aspects of this time of year.


4 Responses to “Starlight”

  1. Janet! Put on that flirty skirt, grab your husband, and go dancing! Love the soft colors that still manage to sparkle!

  2. I’m not feeling too happy with summer today, but I’m crazy about these shoes. I want to own a pair like them for real, even if I only looked at them and never wore them anywhere. This painting is wicked–another candidate for a canvas print (pretty please).

  3. When I look at these shoes I hear Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – jazz that always reminds me of summer. I love your work and all of the personal emotions and responses they evoke for each viewer!


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