Dogs As Children


My husband brought this home from work the other day.  It speaks volumes about my relationship with my King Charles Spaniel-  ‘Finnegan’.  I totally understand why this man might be carrying his large poodle down the street- I’ve done this too, plenty of times.  When Finnegan was younger he refused to walk in the rain.  If it rained while we were walking, I would have to carry him home- which sometimes has been quite a distance.  He also has ‘dog fear’ which has resulted in having to pick him up to carry him past dogs he finds threatening.  I never know what to say to the owner of the other dog as it seems offensive- like ‘my dog is too good to walk past your dog’.  But my favourite is having to do this in social situations.  On occasion I will bring him along to parties, although I do this less and less for this very reason.  If there is another dog at the party, like say a nine pound Bichon Frise, I have to carry Finnegan around with me- just as shown with his legs and arms wrapped around me ‘Koala Bear Style’.  Finnegan is 27 pounds (yes he’s tall for a King Charles) and it makes for a very awkward conversation, especially when he’s pulling and tearing at my dress while trying to get to my canape.  He doesn’t demand this of my husband, just me.  Thank God I have a husband though as I’m sure if I were single, I would never get another date again.

On a separate note I hope to have some original ‘oil sketches’ available later today.  Think ‘mysterious ladies in fancy gardens’.


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  1. What a great cover Janet. I do this all the time with Daisy, mind you she is only 6 lbs. You just know people are going by and laughing, look she is carrying her dog on their walk! It is definately hard to not think of them as children, especially when they ask to be picked up and carried (a scratch on the back of my leg), in Daisy’s case she just needs a break when she wants to go too far on her walks. It always makes me smile when she does that. Fun post. XO

  2. Janet, Isn’t it comforting to know how much they love being “with” us, and sometimes the closer the better. When I take a nap on the couch, my little Maltese, M’selle is curled up right there, and if I’m sitting on the couch, she’s on my lap or hanging over my shoulder. That 6 pounds of warm fur is just the right amount!

  3. I have a similar bond with my large male Siamese cat, Elvis. When you wrote “Thank God I have a husband though as I’m sure if I were single, I would never get another date again” I laughed, because I’m just as grateful for my husband for the same reason. Also, it took Elvis about a year to warm up to my husband, as he usually hates men in addition to being super needy of my attention.

  4. Lol! That’s so cute! Two of my cats love to be carried that way. My 14 lb. Russian Blue, Whiskers, looks just like a baby, very similar to that picture ( of course on a smaller scale!) Cupcake, our Exotic Shorthair (short haired persian) loves to be carried around this way too, she’s nuzzles up and gets very purr-y and likes to look around from that height. She will get up on her back feet with her paws in the air reaching for me, as if to say “pick me up mama” and I pick her up under her arms just like you would a baby or child. I never get over how adorable that is! We have also have a British Shorthair, Garfield, who’s personality is very much like the cartoon Garfield’s personality. He’ll have no part of this type of ritual. 😉

  5. I have two children, one with 2 legs the other with four. I’d rather take the four legged one to a party, he is better behaved- and cleaner 🙂

    Fin is lucky to have such a lovely Mum!

  6. I have a Cavalier also and his name is George. I don’t know if he thinks I am his mother or girlfriend!! I would not trade him for anything!

    Just found you on Etsy. You art is wonderful. I wish I could move into your paintings!!


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