Telling A Story

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I just thought I would share what I’ve been working on lately.  I’ve actually been writing- well, kind of.  Scribbles and half sentences that hopefully will morph into the actual text for my narrative series ‘Black Walnut Manor’.    I won’t be releasing anymore paintings for this series as I don’t want to give everything away prematurely.  From the beginning I could see the series in book form which is strange as I’ve never considered writing anything before but it just seemed like the natural direction to take with this.   There’s so much to tell and although pictures do a lot of the narrative work, I felt that words would help the story along.

Also  You may have noticed that I’ve set aside my ‘364 Days Of Dresses’ series, which I’ve had to in order to focus my attention on this.  I try not to abandon things, but sometimes you have to set certain projects aside in order to get something done.  I’m very easily distracted.

I am releasing limited prints of the so-called ‘Family Crest’ of the Westlake family (pictured) and you can take a peek at it in my etsy shop right here!

5 Responses to “Telling A Story”

  1. Donna

    Oh, I can’t wait! And who, I wonder, is the gentleman in the lower right of the crest? Looking forward to the story and the art!

    • Looks like he might be the French gardener. He loves a well manicured lawn, pastis, and eglantine roses.

  2. Susan

    The gardener? I thought he might be the eccentric uncle! You know how much I love this series. 🙂


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