Red Roses And Dark Horses


My husband feels that this piece needs explaining.  He had many questions about it.  Why is there a dog on the bed (like that is anything unusual in our house)?  Who does that paper belong to?  Whose glasses are those? Etc, etc.  I have no idea why he finds this piece so complicated.  It’s simply a dog on a bed with a half grapefruit and a horsey headboard.  Does it need more explanation?  I think not.

To view on etsy and see more detail, please click here!

7 Responses to “Red Roses And Dark Horses”

  1. Um…. he doesn’t need to and we already do!!! It looks like a nice Sunday morning, with a fresh and easy start of the day!!! Who cares who it belongs to…. We all would love to crawl into your paintings of plush and adventure…. Just take in a deep, refreshing breath, relax and let go, John… You’ll enjoy the painting more… have a great week, you two!

  2. Susan

    Is there an explanation? I can make up all kinds of stories based on your images. 🙂

    I do love the perky Papillon. And that green pillow is a terrific splash of contrasting color. I so hope this one makes it to a canvas reproduction.

  3. Oops, (embarrassing!)…. my apologies to Sir Finnegan… I just caught Susan’s comment on the Papillon! I need glasses! lol


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