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We escaped to Quebec last week for some much needed rest and relaxation.  We first stopped in Montreal and marveled at this beautiful and vibrant city.  I was there years ago when I was too young and stupid to appreciate it, so I'm glad we stopped and got to spend some time soaking up the atmosphere.  There is one thing that I couldn't quite understand.  It's a city of extremely attractive people with an unbelievable ability to consume large amounts of cheese, charcuterie, foie gras, and red wine without looking like little dumplings.  Is it the red wine that compensates?   I'm just glad that I brought plenty of ENO because my WASP stomach was barely up to the task.

We then moved on to North Hatley, Quebec and stayed at Manoir Hovey which was a place that I'd been itching to go for years.  As luck would have it we got bumped up (love when that happens) and got to spend a few days in utter paradise.  It was so quiet- even the chipmunks were quiet- ok, I guess they are anyway.  I've shared a few photos including one of my handsome husband looking like an' intelligent man with deep thoughts'.....who will likely not be very pleased that I posted it.  That other one is the best shot of me from the whole trip.

So now we're back and I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for some twinge of inspiration to overtake me.  I think my mind wasn't used to completely shutting off.  Or perhaps it's all the food that has caused a total creative block.  I could very well end up painting only chipmunks this week or perhaps cheese.  Just warning you.

Oh, and thanks for all of the kind comments about my work in the previous post- it means a lot!

6 Responses to “Quietude”

  1. Donna

    As it happens, I love chipmunks….and cheese! Can’t wait to see what you create next.

  2. katharine

    Janet –

    Hovey and Ripplecove are our family’s favorites. We go to Ripplecove as a family every summer. Wonderful to get away to such a lovely place. And ditto to Donna’s comment. Chippies and cheese…:)

  3. Glad you could get away. A new perspective always helps to clear your mind to let fresh ideas come in. Plus, it’s great for your marriage!

  4. I totally agree with the girls… Chippies and cheese! Life is interesting and I’m looking forward to you implementing chippies and cheese in your paintings…. life is beautifully interesting…
    Oh, welcome back… love the pictures of you and John… I’m sure you are well rested…

  5. Crichardwriter

    Why don’t you paint Manoir Hovey and include chipmunks with people enjoying cheese on the patio? I would adore a painting of this place. But of course, you will ultimately need to do what inspires you the most 🙂 I stayed at a similar place in Massachusetts, and it was absolute heaven (no televisions, phones, and tea/cakes service by a fireplace). I am glad that you were able to fulfill one of your wishes by visiting Manoir Hovey. Thank you for sharing your experiences and lovely pictures.

  6. Susan

    Glad you had a nice break. Welcome back.

    Hey, I’ve got one of your paintings with a chipmunk in it (Snow White’s Vanity)–but no cheese. I think you’d come up with a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek sort of painting featuring chipmunks and cheese if you really decided to paint one!


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