I love perfume and I can remember every bottle that I ever bought, or was given to me.  As a child, I recall seeing a bottle of Joy by Jean Patou sitting on a dressing table all alone.  I have no clue where this was but the black/dark blue bottle with the red cap mesmerized me.  It was strange and sophisticated and slightly sinister.  It seemed like the pinnacle of womanhood and I was going to wear it when I grew up.   However, as a pre-teen I started off wearing what many young girls in the eighties wore:  Charlie.  I thought I was so mature and sophisticated and those magazine ads with the blonde patting the man’s behind was my first glimpse into the promise of being a strong, beautiful, and slightly aggressive woman.

Throughout high school,  I worked my way up to Poison, Coco Chanel and Chloe- the one that smelled like apricots.  After that there was a melange of Body Shop fragrance oils until I discovered Opium.  It was Christmas and I was in my fourth year at university and I was angry at my cheating boyfriend and decided to go shopping.  It smelled of revenge, and I loved it.  I  dumped the boy and kept the scent.  Next was Mitsouko and I’m not sure how I stumbled upon that one- I suspect it was the bottle design that lured me.  It was old and unusual and promised something exotic.  It’s one that I got many comments on- good comments.  Unfortunately I met someone who wore it too and instead of lightly applying it, she had a habit of dousing herself in it.  Mitsouko is complex, powdery, peppery and definitely not one to apply too liberally.  Just a dab.  That’s all you need.  These days I tend to wear lighter fragrances- happy ones.  I love Kate Spade’s Twirl as to me it smells like something sparkling- maybe champagne.  I mix it up sometimes with Tocca’s Stella and Fragonard’s Rose de Mai.  However, every once and I while I take out my Opium for a spin.  It’s good to remind yourself of where you’ve been.


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  1. Janet, I’m a self-confessed fragrance junkie, and a whiff of a scent can take me back in time. Like Coty’s Emmeraude takes me back to high school and cherry orange fizzes and Pearson’s salted nut roll at the drugstore. After school, like almost every day. Thanks for sharing your fragrance history, and the bottle paintings are great!

  2. Susan

    Jolie Madame and Ombre Rose were my scents. I got out of the habit of wearing perfume when I took the train to work. I hated smelling other people’s scents in jam-packed cars, so I decided not to inflict that on others. I’ve just recently started checking out new scents again, tho, and this re-inspires me.

  3. Love these Janet, would make for fashionable artwork in so many feminine areas (that is every room isn’t it?).
    Would love to run a post this weekend on them, may I borrow your photos? Not to worry if you would rather not.
    Happy weekend and like your new site. xo

  4. We have a lot in common with our early perfumes. I even started off with a bottle of Joy… it was a gift & a way too expensive one to be wasted on a teenager!!! I have always stuck true to being a Chanel fan but have recently fallen in love with Michael Kors! I just stumbled across your lovely blog – I look forward to popping back soon for some more inspiration!

    {Country Style Chic}


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