New Everything!


If you’ve been poking around my website over the past few days, you may have noticed that everything has changed.  It’s a whole new website!  This time I hired my brother and sister-in-law’s company ‘49digital‘ to step in and take over the site design.  After having a ‘social media audit’ (doesn’t sound too pleasant does it),  it was discovered that my site was sadly lacking in social media savvy. So they set to work on creating a more user friendly site.  If you are a facebook person, I do have a facebook page and so now you can find the links at the bottom of my website and ‘like’ me if you want- or not.  There’s also twitter, which I had before although it was harder to find on my old website.  However, if you have me on your twitter feed, you might have discovered that I don’t exactly tweet with the exception letting people know that I’ve posted something on my blog.  I’m not a good tweeter- I’m more of a ‘rotary phone’ type of girl.   So if you have a moment, take a poke around the website to find all the new bells and whistles.  And if you are in the market for having a new website designed, or maintained, or if you too would like a ‘social media audit’ (it’s not bad, I promise) then visit 49digital to get more info.  They are very good at handling creative types with limited social media skills- I promise!

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