Hipster Crafter

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Hipster Crafter, oil on canvas, 8"x10".  Sold.

You know the type.  She can make amazing wallets and Christmas ornaments out of a few pieces of felt and a button. She makes her own clothes (without a pattern) and everyone wants to know where she bought them.  She takes super cool photos of her daily life with her vintage polaroid then blogs about it- relentlessly.  Her garden is crazy beautiful even though you have never seen her in it.  Her garlic and white bean dip rocks your world and when she tells you that all of the ingredients came from her vegetable garden, you find yourself terribly ashamed of the three withered herb plants that you tried to grow earlier in the spring.  She has an uncanny ability to go to the Goodwill and find the best junk and proceeds to furnish her perfect house out of her vintage finds, meanwhile when you visit the second hand shops and garage sales there's nothing but junk that smells like cat pee.  To top it off, she can play the accordion, or perhaps the theremin (if she's an uber hipster) and wears the coolest eyewear while doing it.


5 Responses to “Hipster Crafter”

  1. The wallpaper! I guess “the hipster” designs her own wallpaper, too.

  2. So funny and true! I love your humor and admire your singleness of purpose in translating a moment of “jack of all trades” envy into a masterful painting. Thank you.

  3. LOL!!! Oh yes! And I always wonder and stand ashamed in my dark corner, where the paint jumps off the wall (and this is not a shabby chic wall). Amazing painting you have done!


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