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Brownstones, oil on canvas, 12"x14".  Sold.

Clearly I'm not over my scarf fetish yet.

5 Responses to “Brownstones”

  1. By the way her ribbon is flowing behind her, she must be going very fast! Is that ice cream take out she has? I love this painting!

  2. Or maybe it’s just the wind? Although, her hair isn’t blowing….I suppose I don’t really paint reality. The boxes are bakery boxes and she has some coffee which is likely going to end up all over the street before she gets to her destination- at least that would happen to me if I dared ride a bike with coffee.

  3. Andrea

    I’m so disappointed, by the time i wake up in the morning these are always already sold! I want an original with a girl on a biiiiiiiiike :). Love your work!

  4. I hope you do NOT get over your scarf obsession!! I’m wondering…is she headed home after shopping, or is she making a delivery to someone special?

  5. kathy brozyna

    I came across a small photo of this painting in a recent Mary Jane’s Farm magazine – I clipped it out and pasted it into my journal. For days now I can’t stop opening my notebook to sneak a peek at her. She makes me so happy, cruising on her bicycle through the city, on her way to share coffee and croissants with friends. The flowers are for her.


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