The Lady Never Liked Having Her Portrait Painted

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The Lady Never Liked Having Her Portrait Painted, oil on canvas, 12"x14".  For sale on etsy.

I can relate.  Except that it's having my photograph taken, which I'm sure I've complained about several times already.  I don't know what happens and believe me I've studied it carefully and so has John.  I never look like how I really look.  It's like a completely different person staring back at me.  At first I just thought it was vanity (naturally) but I've had second and third opinions on this and everyone is in agreement- the person in the photo is a stranger.  Creepy.  I think it's inherited or something as my mother doesn't look like herself in photos either.  I even had an great aunt who is better known as 'Evil Aunt Kate' and she was a renowned beauty (but quite evil), and yet there is no photographic evidence as she refused to have her picture taken.  I'm thinking that there's more to this story than what I've been told.  This is where family legends start....


6 Responses to “The Lady Never Liked Having Her Portrait Painted”

  1. It’s a very beautiful painting, I love how you’ve captured the sequins. So pretty. Evil Aunt Kate sounds very interesting 🙂
    Ps any little posy paintings coming up?

  2. Gayle Hill

    Fabulous painting! Just a small correction though dear- Kate was your great, great aunt.

  3. I definitely have eyelash envy!

    The spangled fabric is beautiful. And the feather in her hair–I wish I were the kind of woman who could get away w/ wearing a feather in her hair. Sadly, instead of apprearing elegant and soignée I’d look like a plump hen. Fun to imagine, tho.


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