Surviving February Doldrums

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Here we are in mid February and for the most part it hasn't been that bad- has it? Normally I'm tearing my hair out and on my second bottle of tequila by noon (kidding)- well kind of.  I think it's the lack of snow here in Ontario and not feeling as shut in as I normally do.  Although, it's pretty ugly out there.  Brown, grey, dirt, salt, mud, grit, ugly.

Anyhow, I thought I would share some of the things that are pulling me through these ugly times.

From clockwise.....

1.  Breakfast for dinner.  Why not be wild? I just haven't figured out the perfect drink to go with it- I suppose a mimosa? Image via Foodmonger

2.  The tantalizing interiors featured on Bijou and Boheme.  Anyone who  starts a blog post with 'My bedroom sucks poop balls'  is alright in my book.

3. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  Fascinating.  The Duchess had a gown with a giant lobster on it- need I say more? Except I'll add that their home in Paris was a direct inspiration for my 'That Summer In Monte Carlo' painting.

4.  Copious amounts of Downton Abbey.  John bought the two seasons and it's Masterpiece Theatre on steroids.  Love every moment of it.

5. Manoir Hovey in North Hatley Quebec.  I've been wanting to stay there for years, and we finally booked a trip in the spring.   It's embarrassing how excited I am to go.

6. Rereading Rebecca.  It's so good the forth time, although it's giving me nightmares.

7.  Chocolate covered in gold dust.  I've yet to come across it in real life, but one needs a goal. Image via this is glamorous

8 Responses to “Surviving February Doldrums”

  1. “Last night I dreampt I went to Manderely again.” One of ALL TIME favorite books and don’t forget to check out the movie too! Wonderful! Downton Abbey has been a lifesaver too. Thanks for all the other great tips!

  2. A Gift Wrapped Life

    Happy to hear you are getting through our mild winter in much the same way as I am Janet. Yes to breakfast for dinner and Downton Abbey. Just so sad that DA is almost over…………..what will I do now? Happy weekend. XO

  3. My husband and I honeymooned at Hovey Manor in December 2010 and it was amazing! You will not be disappointed. I’m dying to go back.

  4. Oh, Darling Girl!!! Adding a little Grand Marnier to Mimosas will make them so much more yummy and interesting, not to mention that it’ll make Breakfast/Dinner that much more enjoyable!!! You have such vast imagination, which keeps us all entertained… Thanks for such fun!

  5. Your blog always inspires. We also enjoy breakfast for dinner. Am a huge fan of Daphne du Maurier; A daughter’s memoir by Flavia Leng is on my nightstand. We are also having a mild winter which only makes me worry about a dry summer. Must go and fill the birdfeeder.


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