More Canvas Prints

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I made it back to the craft corner last night and voila!  More canvas prints!


2 Responses to “More Canvas Prints”

  1. You know how much I love these canvas prints. If I can say it like this, they’re so darn CUTE. And it seems everyone else agrees, too, as they fly off the “shelves” as soon as they’re posted. I’ve gotten some for myself and given some as gifts and they’re a big hit. (Small enough to fit on easels or put on the wall.)

    Since I’m so matchy, it would be fun to see you do themes that people could buy as sets for wall groupings: readers (Paige and others), ladies in red/green/yellow/blue/black/etc dresses, bathrooms, dining al fresco, peacocks, Snow White, shoes (on and off the feet), ladies in bathing suits/at the beach, ladies in hats, sleeping ladies, red-headed ladies, cakes, wine/spirits, florals, horses, different dress groupings (like the Austen dresses), kitchen sinks, radios, desks, vanity tables, closets, etc., etc. Oh, I’d have so much fun with this–wish I could do it for you! 🙂

    OK, enough squeeing. Going back under my rock now.


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