Coco’s View From The Top

Coco's View From The Top, oil on canvas, 11"x14".  Sold.

Some people may detect some favouritism at play here with the dog breeds that I choose to paint.  It is true that I paint quite a few Frenchies and Pugs, but it's not necessarily because I find them cuter than other dogs even though they do rate pretty high on the cute scale.  The thing is, I like their shape.  It's an aesthetic choice I guess.  Their compact bodies and short hair makes them easy but interesting to paint.  And then there are those crazy eyes.   I don't dare tell this to my spaniel though (jealousy issues).


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  1. Susan

    I think you’ve done quite a variety of dogs in addition to pugs and Frenchies: all those different BW Manor dogs; the Monte Carlo poodles; the Quiet Country hunting dogs; The Duchess dachshund; Gracie’s dogs; the Entaglement dogs; and Lady Cecile’s and the Croque Monsieur KCS’s; the Fontaine Sisters’ poodle and dalmation, to name but a few.

    You have a wonderful way with ALL kinds of animals. I’d be really sunk if you started doing more cats.

  2. "Phyl D

    Janet – would love to know when you are coming out with a line of wallpaper designs…love the hot air balloons!

  3. Sharon @ Ms Magpie Designs

    As an owner of two pugs, I like them aesthetically too…and I am partial! I love the pug artwork! It reminds me of my pugs, Nacho and Beans! :)

    Love your artwork!! I am featuring you on my blog on Monday the 13th. Your work inspires me and I could design complete rooms around your paintings! Great job! :)

    Sharon Barrett


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