Canvas prints are back!

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I returned to my 'Craft Corner' the other day to work on some small canvas prints.  My craft corner has been a sad and lonely place as I haven't had any time to spend there these past few months.  Perhaps calling it a craft corner is an overstatement.  It's basically a desk with a lamp and a staple gun and a few boxes of staples.  You see, I don't craft.  Or rather, I don't craft very well.  This surprises people as I have artistic abilities but seem to lack whatever it is that makes a person a successful crafter.  I suspect it's patience and the ability to follow instructions or some sort of guideline.  For example, last month I hosted a little Christmas party for a few close friends.  I figured it was a perfect time to make a few paper snowflakes to hang around the house.  Off I went to my craft corner with a little instruction manual on how to make paper snowflakes.  Brief chaos occurred resulting in two sad little torn up snowflakes that didn't look much like snowflakes and a burst of profanity that made John shudder.  That was the end of that.  However, I do make a pretty decent canvas print and I enjoy wielding a staple gun so all is well again in the craft corner.   I don't know when I will make it back so when these eight canvas prints are gone, there's no guarantee when more will appear.  Although, I am wrapping up some commercial work that I've been working on this past while, so hopefully I will get to spend more time with the staple gun.

Also, I should mention that I may have an original ready either later today or tomorrow.  It's a part of my 'Black Walnut Manor' series just in case you're interested....


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  1. Hooray! These are wonderful…only hard part is choosing which ones to get.

    And yes, it is surprising that you don’t consider yourself crafty. 🙂



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