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Beauregard, oil on canvas, 7"x9".  For sale on etsy.

Introducing Beauregard the little porcelain bunny.   Up until recently, I would have preferred a real bunny, but due to something that I like to call 'The Bunny Wars', I'm on the fence with how I feel about rabbits.  Shortly before Christmas I discovered that we have a bunny living in our backyard behind the shed.  It was actually Finnegan that discovered it, and immediately flew into a rage.  There was barking and plenty of chasing, only to have the bunny escape through a tiny crack in the fence.   Who knew that a King Charles Spaniel would be a bunny hunter?  I thought they just went after Cornish game hen and the odd grouse.  Now the bunny is all he thinks about.  If he's not chasing it, he's wanting to get outside and chase it, and if it's not there, he settles for eating it's...ahem... droppings.  This is not good.  Now every evening I have to play referee and monitor Finnegan to make sure things don't get out of hand.  It's not a great way to spend an evening.


5 Responses to “Beauregard”

  1. Finnegan the Fierce!

    The play of light on Beauregard’s porcelain surface is amazing.

  2. Sometimes a porcelain bunny is the only kind to have. We live in the country and have flower gardens so it’s a love hate relationship!

  3. Well Janet, think of the droppings as proteins of a healthy diet. Prince Finnegan is thinking of it as wheat grass… that stuff is pretty good for you…
    What a lovely piece, that bunny is, looking so real!


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