So what’s your unconventional Christmas film?

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Last night I had some friends over and somehow the topic of 'unconventional Christmas films' came up. You know the movies that you (and possibly only you) associate with Christmas even though there's not much Christmas in them?  For me it's The Talented Mr. Ripley.  I know that there is a brief and disturbing Christmas scene in it (the one where Ripley is busy unwrapping his Christmas gifts that he bought for himself while impersonating Dickie Greenleaf), but I wouldn't exactly call it a 'Christmasy Film'.  I think it must of been released around Christmas many years back and that's why it sticks in my head as a must see around the holiday season.   My friend Annie felt that for her it's 'The Shining'.  I believe that there was a brief moment of confused silence before she explained that it was because of all the snow.  Sure, why not. 'Black Christmas' was another one that came up, although there is the direct link to Christmas with that one, albeit a creepy link (and we're talking the original Black Christmas here not the remake).   I still have yet to ask John, mainly because I'm worried his response would be something completely bizarre.   Shall we take bets on what it will be?

And a note about originals.  I've barely had any time in my studio this past week.  Those darn print orders are taking up most of my time, plus I've been acting as the fill-in when John can't wait around in the post office line- up.  It's typical that now that I have all kinds of ideas for new work, I  can't find the time to go and paint.   Hopefully I'll have an original ready for Sunday or Monday.

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  1. Josephine

    One of my recent favorites is “Joyeux Noel”. It’s a french film about a Christmas truce during WW1. It’s so unusual, profound and really hard to describe as it differs from typical American movies. At the end of the movie I just remember thinking “wow” and just sitting in silence as the end song played and credits rolled. I will never forget that movie….ever.

  2. Crichardwriter

    I love THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, although I don’t associate it with Christmas. As serial killers go, he is definitely the most sophisticated and interesting (I loved the books as well). There is actually another movie about when he is older called RIPLEY’S GAME with John Malkovich playing Ripley – it was actually pretty good; much better than I thought. It was also set in Italy. I think that my choices for Christmas films tend to be pretty conventional – LOVE ACTUALLY is one of my favorites.

    On another note, you should really think about getting a student worker/intern to help you with all of your shipping orders so that you can focus on your painting. I bet there is some eager art student who would love to work for you in exchange for some great advice/mentoring related to being an artist. Something to think about.

  3. Mine is “Steel Magnolias”, which for a couple of years I watched in secrecy while saying out loud, “I should really turn this off”. I had it on one year while putting up the Christmas tree, and then I did it again the next couple of years. It has the Christmas carnival scene, but really I think just needed a good cry after wrestling with a jumbled knot of tiny lights.

  4. My guilty pleasure Christmas flick would have to be “The Ref” starring Kevin Spacey, Judy Davis, Dennis Leary, Glynis Johns, B.D. Wong, Christine Baranski and some other wonderful actors….it’s set in a Yuppie-type New England town (a kind of town that I know too well) where a somewhat dysfunctional family are taken hostage on Christmas Eve by a thief who’s on the lam. Every time it’s on, I laugh through the whole movie…and often find myself quoting lines from it with my husband.

    I still love the original version of “Miracle on 34th Street” and also “A Christmas Story” for more classic holiday fare.

    Happy holidays to you all!

  5. Without a doubt my favorite unconventional Christmas movie is “The Apartment” with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLean. Love the scene with the spaghetti strainer!

  6. the talented mr. ripley is on our holiday list for some reason as well. la confidential, also. which we watched last night.


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