Snow White’s Bedroom

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Snow White's Bedroom, oil on canvas, 9"x12".  Sold.

If I had a wicked stepmother with a deadly vendetta against me, this is probably where I would want to hide out.  Books, pretty outfits, and a friendly watchful owl to chat with.  Not sure about the apple though.  That looks a tad menacing.

I should mention that there will eventually be more in my Black Walnut Manor series for anyone who may be interested.  I've actually worked on a few paintings for it, but haven't quite worked out the direction- it's dull artsy stuff that's too boring to really explain very well.  In short, when it doesn't feel entirely right, I just set it aside and come back to it when it does.   Of course, that's my excuse for a lot of things- laundry included.

4 Responses to “Snow White’s Bedroom”

  1. Hello Janet,
    I adore your art. I am the lucky owner of one of your prints because my lovely friend gifted me with one for my birthday back in July. You are one of my favorite artists. Keep up the beautiful work.

    kara rosenberry

  2. I really like this it has a feeling of being safe and warm yet the title and the apple gives it an unease the chaos outside created by the stepmother and the apple an eerie reminder of her future.

    Take care


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