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Posy, oil on canvas, 6"x6".  Sold.

It was a sad morning as John and I raked up nine more bags of leaves from our backyard.  I can no longer trick myself into thinking that winter isn't around the corner.  However, I can still paint some pretty flowers, so here is a little painted posy and I dedicate it to all of those who despise winter as much as I do.  I'm also now so sore from the bending and the lifting and the hauling of leaves that I'm walking around the house like Frankenstein's Monster.  Even sound like him too.

2 Responses to “Posy”

  1. mary timmers

    I’m with you, Janet. Living in Minnesota, the summers (especially this last one, steamy and hot, got cabin fever)are short and the winters long and mostly brutal. I especially hate the lack of light. But, thankfully, I am an artist too, and can always put some color and sunshine on the canvas. It helps a lot. I look forward to seeing each new post of yours, and wanted to let you know what an encouragment you are to me. Keep up the FABULOUS work!

  2. AWE… Advil does wonders in bringing back the feeling of “happily normal”. (It will take away all those body aches and almost anything that may ail you.
    I live in Southern California and of course do not go through what you go through, but do keep in mind, we don’t have those long and lustrous winters that add romance and glamour to our memories. Just try not to think of the slush afterward, because there is beauty in the “postcard pictures” of your kind of winter. Okay, you can’t say I didn’t try! (smile)
    I love this little painting with all it’s charm and plush colors! take care


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