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Goldfinch, 11"x14", oil on canvas.  Sold.

A little while back I received a lovely email from Susan who writes a blog called 'Bedside Table Books'.  She wrote about my work and in the same post she talked about another artist whom she admired: John Gannam.  Strangely enough I had never encountered his work before and I instantly became smitten, especially with the pieces that he did for a company called Pacific Sheets.  I believe he mostly considered himself to be an illustrator, but he's comparable to John Singer Sargent in the way he depicted women.

Anyway, this piece was completed under the heavy influence of John Gannam with a splash of Holly Golightly- hence the sleep mask.

3 Responses to “Goldfinch”

  1. I love this painting more each time I view it! The colors are spectacular! I also enjoyed learning about your inspiration. I’m sure there will be a surge of hits for Bedside Table Books and John Gannam. Thanks for giving us a peak into your creative process.

  2. Well, as Donna predicted, there was a little flurry of activity over at Bedside Table Books and so I had to explore the source. Imagine my delight in finding this exciting post. I have already declared my wooziness of indecision to Janet (so many “must have!” pieces she’s created) and now, well, I’ve moved on to a full on swoon. What a wonderful painting!! I am most certain the late John Gannam would be tickled to learn he’s continuing to inspire such creativity and beautiful images of women. Truly gorgeous Janet.

  3. Of course I had to look up John Gannam. Love his work. This is a wonderfully inspired piece!


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