Creative Funk

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I'm in such a creative funk.   It doesn't happen very often and usually I can wiggle my way out of it but for the past week I've been building up a lovely little pile of half painted canvases.  I know you are supposed to take a break and spend time doing other things like go shopping, take a vacation, read a book, clean the house, or stare at a wall, but I haven't felt very inclined to do any of those things either.  I did muck around and produce another faux book cover and  I have to admit that the lonely housewife and I have been sharing the same facial expression.  Sad.

It did cross my mind that maybe this is a physical issue- maybe low in my vitamin B12?   So I ran out and bought a dozen raw oysters yesterday and ate them gleefully as my husband sat and watched in terror and disgust.  They were delicious though.  I'm not sure why I'm sharing all of this fascinating information other than to let interested buyers know that there may be fewer originals popping up over the next little while.  But perhaps the B12 will kick in and I'll go on a painting rampage- fingers crossed.

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  1. Janet, as one of the many people who thoroughly enjoys both your paintings and your blog, can I just say…

    Well, for gosh sakes, girl, considering how prolific you’ve been lately with producing all your beautiful paintings, is it no wonder that you need a break? Don’t forget, the change of seasons can also have a significant influence on our physical/mental frame of mind. What you’re going through may just be a temporary work-related issue but if it’s also a seasonal thing, I thought you might enjoy reading the following blog entry from a fellow artist about something similar that she went through and what she found helps her:

    Also, it’s always a good idea to break out of one’s usual routine (I’m all for that) so, use that great creative brain of yours, grab a friend and get out into your town and explore something about it that you’ve never had time to do before. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a break, already.

    In the meantime, we will still be here, looking forward to your next creation/blog entry…

  2. You’ll get through the funk Janet. Just keep busy, baking and looking exotic cookbooks usually does it for me. Then perhaps a nice chai latte and some good magazines- plus yes some vitamins and iron too!
    Tis a rewarding but lonely existence being an artist, but whenever I get the artists gloom I just walk past a big office block of busy working cubicles and be glad I can do what I love 🙂

  3. Hi Janet, I hope you feel better soon! I laughed out loud at your book cover. It is too funny, but maybe I think that because I am a lonely(sometimes) house wife (all the time)and artist(all the time as well)! Do you ever knit? It is not too difficult to learn, and very soothing when I am in a funk. Sending love and warmth your way.

    • I actually don’t knit. I think I tried to once but found it confusing….my mind is only creative in one way- painting. I wish I had other creative abilities but I guess I’ll take what I have!

  4. What works for me is to switch up of my studio… Switch my desk around…add a new color. I’m controlling myself from painting my walls. My next downtime though… I’m tackling my walls.

  5. mary timmers

    Janet-Sorry about your funk. It happens. Look at it as a way to regroup, do something else, and your creativity will come back. We artists are compelled to be creative, but sometimes we need visual rest and time away. Living in Minnesota, I’m also into large doses of vitamin D-3 all year round! I’ll admit I look for your new stuff EVERY DAY! (no pressure)

  6. I wish you well on the funk fading quickly! I hate when that happens. A trip to the library and a look through art books, picture books, and such sometimes helps me. Good luck!

  7. Ah, you have a dose of ‘The Missing Mojo’ it happens to me often….just go with it and when you least expect it, it will come flaunting back in and you’ll be knocking out paintings left,right and centre :0) x

  8. I think it’s just that time of year for general funkness as we definitely move into late fall/winter. Anywhere outside of the sun belt, we’re just prone to hibernation when the days get longer and grayer. But it passes.

    As much as I miss seeing new works from your ever-surprising hand/head, I must say that my wallet is thankful for the mini-vacay!

    BTW, I totally dress up like Denver chick when I’m doing housework. However did you know?!

  9. Oh my goodness. I happen to live in Denver. I am not often lonely, not a housewife, but I do live in Denver! You make Denver look Fabulous! How darling is that sad little housewife.

    I say, Take a break! You deserve it! the creative process works best, I find, when you aren’t forcing the creativity. So read a book, in a coffee shop, journal, sketch, eat & sleep and it will come back to you!
    {I enjoy your work so much!}
    Kara Rosenberry

  10. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and suggestions! I think that the season changing definitely has something to do with my slump, although it never occurred to me that could be the reason. It’s strange when it gets dark at 5pm- hate it. I’m a spring/summer girl and winter is difficult for me but I’ll find ways to cope!

  11. oh Janet… give yourself a break and enjoy all that a break from your art might entail – perhaps take photos, eat more fantastic foods and get a great book….there is always time for more bubble baths….we can all wait to see your new stuff! take care.

  12. Kate, the mystery lady

    Hi Janet,
    WANT TO GET OUT OF THAT PAINTER’S BLOCK??? I have the perfect solution: Read Isabel Wolff’s book A Vintage Affair. It’s brilliant and perfect for your work. It is set in the UK and is about a woman who opens up a vintage clothing store–of very high quality. I read the book at Barnes and Noble because I couldn’t put it down–when I first saw your paintings on Etsy–and bought the original which I’m dying to get–I immediately thought of how much you’d like the book. Please look at it on Amazon–you will have tons of inspiration, I guarantee it!



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