The ‘Not Yet Sick Of Chevron’ Dress

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The 'Not Yet Sick Of Chevron' Dress, oil on canvas, 11"x14".  Sold.  364 Days Of Dresses.

It seems like you can't really swing a cat these days without slapping into a chevron pattern.  Don't get me wrong, I really like chevron- especially those old chevron pattern wooden floors and Charlie Brown sure looked handsome in his chevron shirt.  I  just wonder when the obsession fades a bit (if it fades) what will be next....English Chintz perhaps?  That's due for a comeback.  Hmmm any suggestions?

4 Responses to “The ‘Not Yet Sick Of Chevron’ Dress”

  1. I had been oblivious to the chevron glut–what cave have I been in?

    Love the dress w/ the snappy red purse. Can’t see the shoes, but hope they’re red, too.

    NOT ready for the return of chintz just yet. Liked it OK back in the day, but have been glad for the break from it.

  2. As a textile designer (for dresses!) yes chevrons are hot. What else you ask? Border prints in blk/ wht with a hit of color, always Blk/wht prints of all kinds- flowers, plaids, ANIMAL prints. Conversationals are sneaking back, along with garish status type prints with scrolls and fruit! Hole that helps u for some upcoming dress paintings.

  3. i really love chevron. been thinking of painting a rug with that pattern. it never goes out of style. oh been meaning to tell you i got my prints and love them. i’ve dedicated my whole bathroom to your paintings. i’ll have to post pics and let you know. they just make me happy. have a great weekend.

  4. Glad to hear it Becky! Thanks Gretchen for the tips and Susan- I’m sure the shoes are red. That would just seem fitting.
    Have a great weekend ladies!


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