Surviving Shocktoberfest

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It's that time of year again.  Shocktoberfest.  For those of you newer to this blog, you may not be aware that my husband decided three years ago to subject me to a horror movie every night for the thirty days leading up to Halloween.  Thirty days and not thirty-one you might ask?  My birthday is October 1 and I demanded to have that night off from being scared.  I don't even want to explain why or how this happened, it just did.  And now, it's a tradition that I can't get out of (except when I manage to plan social events on a few evenings here and there which are always viewed with suspicion by John).  This 'tradition' has even spread to some of our friends and family.  Insanity.  So how does a girl keep her sanity?  I drink and I eat candy and I complain- a lot.    I also have immersed myself in a fabulous book about Liz Taylor and Richard Burton and their tempestuous love affairs and marriages.  It's a wonderful distraction during this difficult time.

It hasn't been all bad though.  Some films I've really enjoyed like William Castle's 'Strait-Jacket' starring Joan Crawford, and an Australian film called The Reef which involves a great white shark and is unfortunately sort of based on a true story.  I ate my weight in candy that night.  I also had to watch a Norwegian film called 'Troll Hunter' which is exactly what it sounds like- trolls +hunting= nonsense.

Fortunately it will all be over in a week, and then I can concentrate on getting my figure back and finding a good marriage counselor.

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  1. Megan Dana

    I’ve always LOVED Halloween, and have seen most of the classic horror movies of course. But, I’m a widow and what I watch is up to me, and I find “Dexter” (a serial killer with a heart, and some great supporting characters) works well for me as well as all the other detective shows that are based on murders–some ghastly, some merely “ordinary.”

  2. Fun!!! BTW, I have a set of twin boys who’s birthdays fall on the 1st of October as well! Librans are known to have a sweet tooth, I otta know, I have 3 Librans at home and they love sweets….
    I love October and all that comes with it, but can’t help to smile how October is Shocktoberfest for you… I guess I think of it as John’s month… lol
    As alway, Janet, your paintings are lovely! Have a great rest of the month with your family and friends, (and the candy)!


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