Minnie Was A Rebel

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Last week I went to Toronto for a teeny tiny break.  While visiting, John and I went to see the film 'Crazy Stupid Love' which I liked for the most part, except I thought it got a little silly near the end with the graduation scene.  Ryan Gosling in spite of portraying a slick womanizer was super cute and that makes me a statistic doesn't it?  Anyway, after the film I was standing around waiting for John to locate his jacket that he left behind in the theater and that's when it happened.....I got a 'disapproving look'.   I was wearing white jeans and it was after Labor Day.  It took me about a minute of trying to figure out why this lady was glaring at me with raised eyebrows and pursed lips but her repeated staring at my lower half eventually gave me enough clues.  And so we have 'mean movie theater lady' to thank for these paintings.


5 Responses to “Minnie Was A Rebel”

  1. Thanks, indeed! I love Minnie’s attitude! I think it must be quite stifling to live by such arbitrary rules. Of course, I will be wearing white shoes this weekend myself…so I’m in good company.

  2. Mean movie theater lady did well to be a jerk–these are great! It looks like the best revenge on fashion snobs are super fabulous glamour paintings! (The car one is such a neat setting).

  3. Here in BC I wear white any time I feel like it. Hope this incident will not stop you from being an individual with a mind of your own.


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