A Mystery Lady

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A Mystery Lady, 18"x24", oil on canvas.  For sale on etsy.

Here's a biggy!  Well, big for me.  My mother is likely going to like this painting.  Hopefully it will warrant more than her usual 'I saw your blog the other day and that was an unusual painting that you did'.  I never know if 'unusual' is good or bad, and when I press her for an explanation, I really don't get much of an answer.  Anyway, my mother was a Nancy Drew fan growing up, and well, I wasn't.  Nothing against Nancy Drew, but when your mother tells you to go to your room and read a Nancy Drew book, it kind of puts you off.  My imagination as a child was too wild to really sit and focus on a book, so not only was I anti-Nancy Drew, I never really read much of anything until later in high school.  I've since come around (I did marry a bookseller after all) and I even bought my first Nancy Drew book which I'm looking forward to reading in the near future (same one as depicted in the painting). My mother shall be pleased- I think.


10 Responses to “A Mystery Lady”

  1. I read all the Nancy Drews in the 6th grade. I just loved them. Recently I reread the very one in your painting, The Mystery at the Lilac Inn, and I was pretty impressed with the vocabulary it used for younger readers. As a teaching assistant it made me realize how little we expect of our adolescents in reading vocabulary now, compared to “back then”. So in other words, YOUR MOTHER WAS RIGHT! And I do like the painting, very much.
    (Am I right in guessing Gayle is your mother?) Funny!

  2. katharine

    Janet – This is wonderful painting. LOVED Nancy Drew growing up. Your mother is a master at delicious understatement – not unlike my own. 🙂

  3. donna altieri

    Ha Ha!! i finally get on in time and it’s over budget but i do like this painting. i adored nancy drew books but my daughter loved the hardy boys – go figure! how does your mom resist buying everything you do?!

    i also love that she has a red dress on!

  4. Stephanie

    I have every single Nancy Drew in my closet at my parents’ house. I also have a 10 yr old daughter and an ikea Expedit waiting to be put together for her. Can’t wait for her to have the books.

    Adore your artwork and frequently pin it. Having your works pop up in my blog reader every day = moment of calm happy. Thank you!

  5. Nancy Drew! A wonderful neighbor lady had a whole trunkful of Nancy Drew books in her attic–relics from her daughters. Over the course of a couple of weeks one summer, she let me make regular treks to the treasure trove until I’d finally read them all. It was magical. Thank you, Mrs. Harper!

    This is another amazing (and evocative) painting. My heart doth yearn.

    • I don’t remember reading bobbsey twins- must have been you. I recently bought an old bobbsey twins book at an antique shop though.

  6. My sister and I were Nancy Drew nuts when I was a kid. And “The Mystery at Lilac Inn” was the very first N.D. book I owned. I got it for my birthday. To this day it’s my favorite of them all (even though they’re all pretty much the same story…). I remember wishing I could somehow shove flashlights up my nightgown sleeves (as seen in the cover image) and walk around outside a night!

    Good times. 😉


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