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It seems that my 'Monster Lobster' poster interested more than just my husband and after receiving several emails and comments in regards to my crazy poster, I've decided to explore this territory a little further.  Over the past couple of weeks I've been working out some 'Faux Book Covers' that I will be releasing as prints in the next month or so.  My 'Shady Lady' book cover/poster is an example of what is in the works.  I've got some ideas for movie posters as well (and yes, I will release the Monster Lobster poster once I fine tune it a bit).

Now to the sad news.....I think I'll be packing in my card shop.  We've been having some issues with the card stock cooperating with our printer.  The printer threw such a fit a couple of weeks ago that I almost tossed it out the window.  It seems that something with the card paper sends our Epson into a frenzy and it takes a week of sweet talking to get it to calm down.  In the process we often go through about 3-5 cards just to get a good one.  Doesn't make much financial sense.  I also license many of my images to the bigger card guys so hopefully they will pop up in your area if you're desperate for a card fix.  We will keep our Janet Hill Studio Ink shop (on etsy) but it will be for the new line of book covers/posters, or as John refers to as our 'Retro Graphics'.  I will continue to make my Christmas cards though if that is any consolation.

Tonight is 'Shark Night' in our household (my idea strangely enough) and I'm certain it will result in a terrifying but laughable poster in the near future.  Stay tuned!

5 Responses to “New Stuff!”

  1. Love the idea of the posters and book covers. Hope you’ll also keep the canvas prints–they’re terrific.

  2. Very excited to hear about the faux book covers! Annnd I share your frustration with trying to print cards. I attempted selling cards myself a year or so back, same story. 🙁

  3. Dear Janet, When will your christmas cards be out? I’m a little sad you’ll be closing the card shop, as I was hoping to purchase some for christmas. But I’ll be looking out for your christmas cards!

    • I’m just working on concepts right now (so strange to be doing this in August) and I will release the prints and cards likely on Nov 1st. I’m sad about the card shop too….


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