Moira Was Not Lost

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Moira Was Not Lost, oil on canvas, 10"x12". Sold.

Yup, that's an AMC Pacer, or at least my distorted version of one.  I love old cars, and sometimes the more unfashionable the better.  I would trade my car in for that Pacer in a second if I could.  My big beef with modern cars are the computer systems.  In my experience, they don't do a heck of a lot of good.  Our silly car will tell us it has a flat tire when it actually doesn't, but neglected to tell me when its transmission had a massive failure and died.  What's the point?  Give me a car that you can fix with the contents of a toolbox and I'm all over it.  Diagnostic computers be dammed!


2 Responses to “Moira Was Not Lost”

  1. Or a GPS that won’t convert when we cross the border. No, wait it does, just about 5 hours later when we are there and gone. Totally forgot about the Pacer, that brings me way back. Great painting and I always love your clever titles. Hope it has been a wonderful summer for you Janet. Bet you mixing up deeper colours already. XO

  2. Obviously, there are quite a few of us that can relate to the ole computer tricks! My SUV has the same temperament with indicating things gone wrong with nothing to show for it. It drives me coo coo, when I have the mechanic tell me that the diagnostics are incorrect! What’s a girl to do?
    Janet, I have always loved your car and girl paintings, like your other paintings, they tell a charming story… I am waiting to get my hands on one of your car paintings. I love this one!


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