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Allies, 9"x12", oil on canvas.  For sale on etsy.

It's been a bad week here for mishaps and frustrations.  First off something strange happened with the website earlier in the week, but thanks to my computer- friendly brother, we were able to get it back up and sorted.  Then the printer had another meltdown and as a result is now 'retired'.  Fortunately it was still under warranty and our new one just arrived this morning.  However, we did go through twenty sheets of expensive fine art paper in the process just to get our orders printed and shipped.  On top of that it wasn't a good painting week.  I must have started and abandoned about five canvases which doesn't feel good.  Usually when this type of thing happens it means it's time to take some time off as my disposition is as friendly as a troll that lives under a bridge.  I'm also getting kind of tired of hearing about my friends' summer vacations (yes I'm particularly referring to you Anne-Marie)  when I haven't really even ventured past my backyard (pathetic sulk).  This is going to change next week.  Oh yes. I'm going to steer clear of my cubicle sized studio and try and have some fun.


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  1. I think maybe Mercury is in retrograde and Murphy’s law feeds on that! Me too with mishaps- tripped and fell running out to catch a train -many telltale bruises. Our printer at the studio I work with, had a meltdown and then so did the air conditioning, and several elevators. My car tires went low, my train was an hour late to and fro, and I too, was not producing the best designs all week – totally OFF the beam! Going on a plein air painting trip to Lake Saranac to refresh next week….ahhhhh.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mishaps. Something is most definitely off. I’m actually going to be in Skaneateles, New York next week for a bit- not too far away!

  3. Sorry to hear about your summer stir-crazyness.

    On a different note, after seeing this painting (and many others of yours) I really, really hope you consider a detour into wallpaper design one of these days. Just love the detail in those papers.

    Thank you for creating your work. Just love it.


  4. Crichardwriter

    Ohh Skaneateles – I love that place! That was one of my favorite places to go when I lived in Upstate New York. You are sure to find some more inspiration for your painting there. Enjoy your trip and your much needed vacation.

  5. This is a fabulous painting. I’m not much of a wallpaper person in real life, but I second Robyn’s comment about wallpaper design. Even better–fabric design!

    Hope you enjoy your mini vacay.


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