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Nothing fills me with more fear than when I have to paint a child.  Children are strange creatures with very large heads and extremely soft underdeveloped features.  I rarely ever do commissioned portrait work mainly because of a horrible experience that I had several years ago when a client asked me to paint her three sons.  They were cute, the client was nice and the photo that I had was pretty decent so I happily went off and worked on it for about a month.  When the unveiling came, the look of disappointment on her face made my knees buckle.  It was their heads she explained- they were too big.  I took a look at the photo and compared it to the painting and explained that it was exactly the same proportioning.  She agreed, but had assumed that  I would have corrected their imperfection.  But then they would look like little men.  We have never spoken since.

I should mention that I based Greer on my niece Leanna and there is a good chance that perhaps when my brother and sister-in-law see this they might have a problem with the size of her head as well.  However, a pirate hat can hide a multitude of imperfections....

Greer Plans Her Next Adventure (Black Walnut Manor series), 9x12, oil on canvas. Sold.

Max And His Matinee Idol Good Looks, (Black Walnut Manor series), 6x6, oil on canvas. Sold.

5 Responses to “Siblings”

  1. Corynn

    That’s hilarious! Don’t worry, it looks great. You are very talented and I admire your work a lot! 🙂

  2. i think you should forward her this post.

    gorgeous paintings as always. and if i had children i would trust you to paint them, big heads and all.

  3. I agree with Rebecca S. Your paintings are amazing and you could paint all of my children, with big heads and all, and I would love it!
    I also agree with you and your decision to keep the painting of those boys real and not made them look like little elves.
    As always, I am smitten with you lovely artwork.

  4. OK, I always say each new painting is my fave, but Greer really does rank up there in the top 5. 10. 20. Oh, well, it just makes me happy. She has such a fun, bold, Pippi Longstocking quality. A love of life. She radiates inner and outer joy.

    I had the most lovely art teacher in Germany (I have ZERO artistic ability, BTW) who tried to teach the class to draw faces based on a very rigid proportional formula–but, of course, looking at ourselves/each other as we worked. She was so perplexed when our little corner of students produced portraits of people with very abnormal foreheads. “No one has a forehead like that!” At which point everyone looked at me and my freakish forehead that had served as the model and she was struck silent. I had so ruined her lesson. I should have worn a pirate hat that day!


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