Quiet Time

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It was rather difficult working out what Silke would have in her study since she is an inventor and the options are limitless.  I opted for a yo-yo and a cuckoo clock (which got a little cut-off in the photo).  I know, it makes little sense.  It also looks like her taste leans a little to the Dorothy Draper school of design .  Hugo is more restrained with his horsey painting and English traditionalism.

I should also mention that Canada Post is back to work which means I can stop tearing my hair out.  John and I carted off a big bin plus two armfuls of prints this morning - very happy to have a functioning postal system again. We held the line up and had a few dirty looks from those stuck behind us but it was worth it.  There will still be delays though until the back log has been dealt with, but at least the mail is moving!

Silke's Study, 9"x12", oil on canvas. Sold.

Hugo's Reading Room, 8"x8", oil on canvas. Sold.

2 Responses to “Quiet Time”

  1. Spectacular! These rooms are so fitting to the series and so full of detail. I especially love the ceiling work in Hugo’s room. I feel as though I’m reading a novel and anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

  2. Jasmin

    So true, I feel like a story is unfolding and I’m waiting to see what the characters will do next. I would love to be sitting in front of that desk right now!


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