Moving Slowly

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I thought I would give an update in regards to our crazy Canada Post situation.  It appears that the other night Canada Post locked all of it's workers out in response to the Canada Post union's rotating 24 hour strikes across the country.  What this means is that we have no mail system at the moment.  As you can imagine this is a terrible thing to happen to small businesses (like mine) who really rely on Canada Post since courier services like UPS are too expensive for shipping small items like prints and most couriers do not insure fine art like original oil paintings.   Some items are stuck in the system as they were mailed out before we had knowledge of this, other orders we are holding until this is resolved.  Fortunately, it appears that our government is drafting legislation that will allow Canada Post workers to get back to work.  However, it will likely take a week before this happens.  In short, I sort of feel like the turtle that John and I almost ran over the other day:  Slow, cumbersome, and a little ticked off.

We are still accepting orders but have to hold them until next week.  We can of course ship out UPS but will have to adjust shipping charges to reflect the price difference.   I will likely have some new original work ready by the end of the week and will list it as usual on etsy.  By the time they dry this shipping nightmare should be over.

There is some good news though!   It appears that the book cover that I did for Molly Birnbaum's book 'Season To Taste' was in the New York Times.   They did a feature about Molly and her amazing story about regaining her sense of smell after the accident.  True, it wasn't exactly a feature about the book cover, but it was pretty exciting to see it alongside the article.  I'm clinging to the small positives right now.

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  1. Crichardwriter

    Hi Janet. I thought this artwork looked familiar – you have a distinctive style, and you paint beautifully. I will actually be attending Molly’s book reading in Cape Cod, so I’ll get a chance to meet her and buy the book featuring your art. Congratulations on having your artwork featured in such a great way (the NYT), and I hope that it sends more work your way!

  2. How wonderful on the NYT feature – I’m sure seeing the cover next to the article was a thrill. The postal situation sounds like a big mess. For all the griping we Americans do about the U.S. Post Office, if it shut down, well, let’s just say I’m sure it wouldn’t be pretty. Hope all is back on track soon.

  3. Janet, the cover is so beautiful! I get compliments about it all the time. It’s perfect. Thanks, again. xoxo

  4. goudouneix dominique

    ajouter option traduct pour que je puisse lire vos lignes, please! I love very your blog mais je suis pas douée en Anglais,think you for your paints, it is merveilleux for me to see that, all and your smile. Oh la la je ne sais ce que vous allez penser de ce message. Dominique


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