French Themed Dresses

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Here are a couple more for the 364 Days Of Dresses series.  I think the Napoleon Dress is fairly obvious, but with the Frenchie Dress I was just looking to capture the pretty cream colour of French Bulldogs with their cute black noses.

Napoleon's Favourite Dress, oil on canvas, 6"x8".  Sold.

The Frenchie Dress, oil on canvas, 6"x8". For sale on etsy.Sold.

7 Responses to “French Themed Dresses”

  1. Josephine

    I love these paintings!!! I adore that famous painting of Napoleon on his horse and the dress totally looks like what Josephine would have worn. The dog in the second painting reminds me of Martha Stewart’s dog, Sharkey. 🙂 Beautiful work (as usual).

  2. Josephine

    Oh my gosh! After I got off of this blog…I wanted to learn more about Josephine Bonaparte (partly b/c I’m obsessed with history and partly b/c we have the same name)….so I noticed when I googled that today is her birthday!!! Don’t know if you planned that or not, but if you didn’t, that is a seriously cool coincidence!!

    Joséphine Bonaparte-born June 23, 1763

  3. I loved the Napoleon dress. Can’t wait until the project is finished so you will either release them as prints or something.


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