Her Face Launched A Thousand Ships

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Her Face Launched A Thousand Ships, oil on canvas, 9"x12".  Sold.

The other day I was trying to figure out where my nautical love comes from. Certainly it's not from my surroundings as  I live inland, really far inland and whenever I've been on a boat I've tossed my cookies.  No sea legs on this girl.  Then it occurred to me that it likely had something to do with my childhood.  In our local mall there was a giant pirate ship that was a 'play place' for mothers to put their children while they shopped.  I'm sure it was supervised on some level but not particularly well.  The ship was big and seemed pretty realistic inside (at least to a kid).  It had many rooms and many places for children to get lost or hurt.  I seem to recall several kids getting their heads stuck in bannisters and shrieking endlessly.  It also had a strange smell and was probably never cleaned which perhaps was a good thing as it built up the immune system which could be why to this day I never really get a cold.  But aside from the wailing and the bad smell,  I loved the ship.  It was the kind of place where your imagination could really run free even if it was a safety hazard.  Those were the days.

6 Responses to “Her Face Launched A Thousand Ships”

  1. Hahaha “tossed my cookies” great phrase.
    I like the detail in this painting and of course as always you have a fantastic eye for colour. The back story really adds to it, I wish I could write as you do I have trouble talking about my own work, its a constant struggle I don’t see what more I could possibly say you either like the work or don’t :-). But I must confess I do love to nose at other Artists sites, like yourself and their working process.

    Take care

  2. I totally understand. This is why I sometimes blabber on about a painting and then have nothing really to say about another painting. I sometimes feel that it makes be a ridiculous person, but I just pretend that no one is reading what I’m writing. The beauty of the internet!

  3. Christine

    Ah, the ship! I haven’t thought about that in years and years. It was so much fun. Do you remember, right beside the ship, the old donut shop that sold Hawaiian donuts (the plan donut with the colourful sprinkles on top?). Great childhood memories!

  4. That’s interesting about the donut shop. I always get nostalgic when I see those donuts- not sure if they call them Hawaiian anymore though (unfortunately) and now I know why.


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