Camping Under The Stars

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Camping Under The Stars, 12"x16".  Sold.

I'm not a camper which is likely a good thing for the insect world.   The closest that I've really been to camping aside from 'forced camping' as a child has been the odd cottage weekend in which I'm usually never invited back to the same cottage.  I enjoy cooking food over an open fire, playing board games, drinking throughout the day, and the odd sea-doo spin around the lake, but I'm probably the only person who does all of those things holding a spray can of 'Raid'.  If it's smaller than a squirrel and moves with more than four legs- it's fair game.


8 Responses to “Camping Under The Stars”

  1. I am totally in agreement with you! I never really liked camping unless I had electricity hook ups and had more than enough raid and mosquito repellent, OFF.
    When my children were small, I would pack more than enough pillows, blankets and toiletries, besides the usual sleeping bags, coffee pot, extra fold up chairs and ect. My husband would always say that he would never want to get lost in the woods with me and I would smile and say, “that’s a good thing”. In the evening, all extra pillows were taken and they could not get enough of the hot chocolate or coffee that was brewed in my handy, dandy coffee pot. It was nice to see them all asleep, snuggly and cozy in the cushion lined tent.
    I am happy that those days of outdoor entertaining my young children, are over, but a small outdoor garden party is always welcomed.
    I love this painting as it definitely brings the wholesome quality of the outdoors, in. Simply beautiful.

  2. The two previous posts include insects, and I love them! I think you have a subconscious desire to make friends with the bug world. (wink)

  3. If Sarah is right, then I suggest finding the OLD movie of Hoppity Goes To Town. It’s an endearing cartoon and you, Janet might relate to it…. (wink)
    Also, being the romantic that you are, if you haven’t seen the original (cartoon) Gulliver’s Travels, I think that you might find it of interest and get some “romantic” wonderful ideas from it….
    Happy watching! Hugs!

  4. LOL! I absolutely couldn’t garden to the extent that I do if bugs bothered me that bad but it makes me laugh how freaked some people get about it. I heard a full grown man scream like a girly girl at a small snake. Snakes I don’t mind so much, it’s spiders I don’t like….

    aka AudreyGardenLady on etsy

    • I don’t think I mind snakes either, possibly because I never come across them. Unfortunately I married a man who refuses to kill spiders, so it becomes a big production to try and trap it and send it outdoors. Good grief!

  5. How nice that you painted a Fiat 500 in your camping scene… how did you choose this particular car? I mean they were very popular (literally!) in Italy in the past and now they are “vintage”. But recently with its new version, it has become very trendy too.

  6. Truth is that I really want the new Fiat 500 which is how it worked itself into my painting. I’m going to wait and see reviews for it in our lovely Canadian climate before I run out and purchase one though. They sure are cute to look at and I’ll probably be test driving one soon….


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