The Audubon Dress

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The Audubon Dress, oil on canvas 9"x12".  Sold.

I felt that this was an appropriate painting to post on a wet and dark spring day.  I have to remember that the rain brings good things like spring flowers and robins.  Speaking of robins, last spring John noticed that the robins that were hanging around on our lawn were the fattest robins that either of us had ever seen.   So fat that they could hardly hop around and they sure didn't fly. They just kind of moseyed.  Then throughout the summer there was a cavalcade of strangely obese animals that seemed to fancy our backyard over any of our neighbors',  including the giant rabbit which I was convinced was actually a small child dressed up in a bunny costume leftover from Easter.  That was a little scary.  I'm thinking it was our  organic lawn feed that was the culprit.

7 Responses to “The Audubon Dress”

  1. Absolutely love this painting! Its rainy and miserable here today too.
    I always feel really sleepy with days like these 🙂

    Your work as always is excellent!

    Take care

  2. Your paintings are beautiful as always. I’m thinking some of these fat critters must be eating fast food leftovers. Have we now spread the obesity epidemic to them? Quite sad really.


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