The Snow Sombrero

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This is what happens when you mix a King Charles Spaniel with some fresh snow.   We only walked about a block before he got a 'Snow Sombrero' (John's accurate description) which he didn't exactly care for.   Looks like it will be an indoor day for Finnegan.  Poor guy.

10 Responses to “The Snow Sombrero”

  1. Hello Janet,
    It took me a moment to see it, but then I just started laughing. Poor baby!
    Love the photo.

    your friend,

    PS…just posted my farmhouse style kitchen restyle and if you look closely, you can see my Janet Hill print hanging proudly on my wall. Looking forward to receiving my newest print in the mail.
    Also will be contacting you to arange a giveaway (at my expense) of one of your beautiful prints.

  2. He didn’t get a milk bath, just a little soak in some warm water and a peanut butter cookie which seemed to cheer him up. I wouldn’t mind a soak in a milk bath though…

  3. He is so adorable with his little face that looks as though he is trying not to move more than he has to, waiting for someone to take those icy, dingle balls out from under his “sombrero”… Awe, I’m sure that the peanut butter cookie more than made up for his short discomfort….

  4. Hi, I love Finnegan! He would be a perfect match for Gracie, our King Charles Cavalier. I just found your blog from Empty Nest blog. Now I am going to look at all your lovely paintings:)


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