Snow White

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Snow White, 12"x16", oil on canvas.  Sold.

I wanted to paint my version of what Snow White's cottage would have been like had she not gone off with the seven dwarfs or the prince.  I think she would have found a crooked little cottage somewhere in the woods where she could spend her time sewing, taking long baths, and drinking Elderberry wine or whatever it was that they drank back in the days of yore.   It seems like she would have had a pretty beautiful life, although that half eaten apple does seem a little menacing.

Off now to start painting the companion piece....the wicked stepmother's house.

5 Responses to “Snow White”

  1. Awe, Janet, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity!! The picture on the wall… is that Snow White’s mother? She is really pretty… The painting gives me a feeling of contentment and bliss and the safety of eating “safe” apples; whistling while she worked… So precious!

  2. That’s right Corinne- it’s her mother. I was a little worried that people would think it was her (Snow White) or her stepmother, but that wouldn’t make much sense. Glad you got it!

  3. As always Janet your painting is truely fantastic. I love your choice of tones in all your work. My sister is a dressmaker this painting makes me think of her. I can’t wait to see the companion piece.

    Your 364 days of dresses is remarkable do you think you will ever put them all into a book?

    Kind regards

  4. I haven’t quite decided what to do with that series yet- but a book is definitely and option!


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