Claude And Claire

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Claude, 6"x8", oil on canvas.  Claire, 6"x8", oil on canvas.  Sold.

These little guys are available in my etsy shop as individual paintings, but they kind of look cute as a pair.  Doesn't Claude look dapper in his little bow-tie?

5 Responses to “Claude And Claire”

  1. Oh my gosh, I love these so much. They look like a vintage salt (or pepper?) shaker my high school boyfriend gave me…It’s a glass siamese cat with rhinestones for eyes, but it’s missing its partner. Anyway, these are wonderful!

  2. So cute. These siamese cats totally remind me of 1970s Disney animation “The Aristocats”. I had the vinyl soundtrack and my sister & I used to sing that “We Are Siamese” song over & over & over … Thanks for the memory 🙂


  3. These are adorable! Please do more kitty paintings. I also loved the Himalayan painting too!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Too cute for words!!! I have a set of brother and sister siamese, Belle and Sebastian, who look just like Claude and Clair! This set of pictures remind me of Pinky and Blue Boy!
    The moment I saw the two cat paintings, you got a verbal, “awe” out of my lips. I love em!

  5. oh my goodness i am so sad that i missed out on these lovelies!
    my husband and i were married almost 2 years ago and we used these vintage kitties as our cake topper.

    i adore these paintings!!


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