Love And Splatter Guards

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I'm not sure why I've always liked this Valentine's Day card of Julia Child and her husband in the tub.  I suspect it's because it's so strange.  Even with my oddball sense of humour, I'm not sure if I would have the courage to take a photo with John in the tub and send it out to all of my friends. But perhaps, times have simply changed.

Nonetheless, I've always loved Valentine's Day.  Although it makes little sense why I would from a 'love' perspective.  Anyone who knows me would confirm that I had a very tumultuous dating past (prior to John of course).   I became the  'go to girl' when a friend was concerned that she may be dating a psychopath, sociopath, narcissist, or the dreaded 'triple-threat just because of my handy dandy  'How to tell if you are dating a lunatic' flash cards.

I really can't recall (prior to John of course) a single decent Valentine's Day.  Maybe the one where someone tried to give me a used spaghetti sauce splatter guard might count?  Although, I don't think he intended it to be a Valentine's Day just happened to fall around the same time and perhaps I was just reading too much into the gesture.

I suspect that my love for 'Valentine's Day'  comes from a basic appreciation for romance, chocolate, wine, roses and the colour red and a day devoted to it in the middle of winter just seems so tantalizing.  Also,  I'm really looking forward to spending this Valentine's Day (and hopefully many others) with the one man in my life that really seems to get it right.  No spaghetti sauce splatter guards from him.

3 Responses to “Love And Splatter Guards”

  1. Valentine’s day….it makes people think too much about why they should love, why they do or don’t, or why they don’t have someone to love. it’s just another holiday to over indulge on eating candy, if nothing else. enjoy! -Slavica

  2. Maybe he mistook the splatter guard for a durable fan for those warm days approaching. Nevertheless, I’ll take chocolates, wine and roses any day…. John sounds like a charmer with great taste and I am certain that you both enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s Day. Eager to see what you post later. You are great fun!

  3. I suppose a durable fan is a possibility if we are being generous….although I don’t think he was a particularly creative person, but maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt!


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