Croque Monsieur

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Croque Monsieur, oil on canvas, 11"x14".  Sold.

I realize that this is my second painting with a 'Croque' in the title.  I really can't explain why I find painting crunchy food so interesting.  Although, it did occur to me that perhaps the little Spaniel staring at the grilled cheese might be named 'Croque Monsieur'.  I mean, many people  enjoy giving strange names to their pets.  I often call Finnegan 'Mr. Stinky' so much so that he comes when I call him that.  It's not that he's all that smelly, well, except during the summer when he hasn't had a bath in a few weeks and takes on the ripe fragrance of a gym sock.

Perhaps it's best that I abandon this train of thought as it might turn viewers off from this painting entirely.


5 Responses to “Croque Monsieur”

  1. Awesome! I have been meaning to make Croque Monsieur ever since I watched the movie It’s Complicated. If you haven’t seen it, please do, I think that you may enjoy this delightful Nancy Meyers story.
    As always, Janet, simply beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! I love this one and Saturday Morning At Pemberley Flat. The interiors are, well, perfect! I can see myself living in both of the spaces.
    My daughters LOVED their prints I ordered them for Christmas. They look gorgeous in their frames!
    Lovely work as always.



  3. Yes, I have watched ‘It’s Complicated’. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on a rainy day.

    Glad to hear that your daughters are enjoying their prints Penny!


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