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I figured it was time to start plugging my new etsy shop: Janet Hill INK.  It's been a while in the making, and I have to admit, it's not completely stocked, but we're working on it.  The focus of this shop is smaller items like cards and small stretched canvas prints and eventually desk calendars and so on.  Right now, we only have some blank cards listed, but within the next week we will be adding more items like cards with greetings inside (which could get dangerous with my imagination) and the canvas prints.  It's hard to explain why I decided to open another etsy shop rather than put it all into the one, but the main reason was really organization.  Eventually there will be a lot of items and felt it was better to  divide them up that way buyers don't have to search through tons of items to find what they want.  Also, I like the idea of keeping the original art and giclee prints separate from the smaller items.

The other good piece of news is that I finally have help!  That's why I was using 'we' instead of just me.   True, it is just John (my husband) but I've been getting pretty desperate for an extra pair of hands and he's finally stepped up to the plate, reduced his hours in the bookshop and will start training next week-yikes!  This means I may actually get to spend a few more hours in my studio each week once everything is settled.

I will be posting proper links on my website to the new shop to make it easier to find, as well as a link between the two shops and I'll give some further updates when new products are available like the canvas prints later in the week.


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  1. This is exciting news! This seems like a fun and affordable way for your fans to be able to share your work with loved ones. I can’t wait to see all the new items you come up with!

  2. Very exiciting! I have to admit, I loved the Christmas cards I bought so much that I kept them for myself..yes, both. I couldn’t part with them, so this is good news!

  3. More weiner dogs!! and cupcakes!! and those russian babuska dolls!! Love you!!


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