Still Shipping

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In spite of my best intentions to get into the studio this week, it simply hasn't happened.  I'm actually still packing up prints, writing out all the waybills, and standing in the ever growing post office line-ups.  It's getting near the end, but I don't think another original painting is going to surface until early next week as I need to get the prints out this week in time for Christmas.

Finnegan on the other hand, continues to doze off on the 'good sofa', enjoying his life with no stress, no work, and no worries.

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  1. A Gift Wrapped Life

    I sometimes think dogs are much smarter than us………….I bet they think that while watching us scurry around. Happy shipping Janet. XO

  2. I am doing pretty much the same thing as you at the moment, its crazy how busy the post office has gotten in the space of a few days something that I did not notice last year, then again I wasn’t as busy then.

    Your dog is gorgeous and amazingly in the exact same pose as mine this morning 🙂 He hates the cold and gets pretty grumpy when made to go out in the morning to walk. He sleeps pretty much all day in the winter waking to be fed and then back to bed. However he is no way near as clean and groomed as your Finnegan 🙂 too many puddles and ponds for him to resist.

    Take care and good luck getting back to painting as soon as possible, as always your work is fantastic.


    • Ahh but my camera lies….Finnegan is actually a little matted and desperately in need of a good grooming. He’s going in this week- thankfully and hopefully the ‘dirty sock’ scent that he has conjured up will be washed away as well.

  3. Just as I was thinking…I wonder if she will have any paintings of a king charles cavalier (because I have one)….I happened upon this picture! Omg Finn! Cute lil guy! My cavalier’s name is Libby. Oh aren’t they darling?


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